Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Language Arts and Reading

The kindergartners have been working very hard this past week.  They have many skills to learn during their first year in school, so we don't waste anytime.  I teach a reading lesson in the morning and whenever we have a spare moment we review.  They work in large groups, small groups and individually with me.  Some students are still having difficulty paying attention and/or focusing on the lesson, but it will improve.  Here is a list of what they are working on:

  • Naming the letters of the alphabet - later they will have to know how to write the letters and know the sound of each letter
  • Matching the upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet
  • Knowing the first sound in a word - for example I say, "What is the first sound in girl?"
  • Tell the parts of a word - I say, "What sounds do you hear in truck?  They say the sounds, "/t/ /r/ /u/ /ck/"
  • Reading the color words 
  • Reading sight words:  like, I, to, see, me, mom, dad, go, can
  • Understanding and matching rhyming words
  • Reading grade level booklets
  • Eventually they will be doing more writing of letters and sentences
Please get into the routine of practicing these skills with your child at home.  Good study habits will be needed throughout the school years and you might as well start now.  Some families have a set time like after supper when their child knows they are going to work on their skills at home.  Keep it low-key and positive.  It can be good quality time spent with your child and you can play a key role in helping your child to be successful! 

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