Thursday, September 4, 2014

Our First Bird Lesson

I taught my first bird lesson of the school year. I started out with a Power Point slideshow that I created for the Ohio summer bird camp that I directed this past summer. We watched the show at the huge Promethean board in our room that is 4' x 6'. What a great way for kids to learn!

The slideshow was titled "Why Birds?"  In this slideshow I tell some of the reasons why I think birds are amazing and well...I think it worked!  The kids were saying, "Wow!" and "Cool!"  Then later on they laughed and laughed at the bird videos that displayed cool bird behavior.  They were quite amazed too!

I told them I'd put some of the video links on this blog, so that they could share them with their family.  One boy kept asking, "Is this real?"

Cool Bird Behavior - Video Links:

Belted Kingfisher fishing on ARKive  This bird has been at our lake in town lately.

Shoebill on ARKive  This is a tall African bird.

Clark's Grebe on ARKive - Have you ever seen a bird walk on water?

Osprey fishing - There were three Osprey at the lake in tow on Wednesday.  I saw them plunge into the water talons first to catch fish.  I didn't see them today however, so maybe they have moved on.  They are migrating through the area.

This Osprey was at our lake last April.  I took this photo of him flying over the water.
 Click here to read more about Osprey and hear their call.

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