Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fire Safety Day

We have been talking about fire safety in school and I try very hard to inform them, while not scaring them about fires.  I keep remind them that it probably won't ever happen, but they need to know what to do, if it does.  They sure have caught on quickly and are now quite the experts on fire safety, so take the time to ask them about it.  

Remember to check your smoke alarm batteries and have one on every floor of your house or even in every bedroom.  Make a plan with your child on the two ways out of their bedroom and a safe meeting place once the family is all outside.  We stress "Get out and stay out" as well as if their clothes catch fire - "Stop, drop and roll".  They are also taught about 911 and to call it when they need help, but only if they do not have an adult around to call.  They can call for fire, medical emergency or even if they are accidentally left alone, which has happened before with a young student long ago.  I also stress not playing with fire, matches, lighters, etc.  The kids are so precious, so we want them to be safe. 

The local fire department came in this morning and showed a video about fire safety and answered questions.  They also gave the kids a ride in the fire truck and let them try on their boots, overalls and coat.  The kids loved it!

Thank your volunteer fireman for all that they do! 

The kids got a ride in the fire truck!  They were very happy!
They loved hearing the siren and the horn.

They were impressed with the firetruck.
This girl was very proud that her uncle was a fireman.

That air tank was heavy!
Smiles all around!
This girl is showing that she can handle it.

He might grow into it, but I don't know...

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