Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Owl Pellets

This was one of those great days of teaching that reminds me why I love being a teacher!  

The 6th graders came in at the end of the day, so I decided to do a quick overview of local birds with the kindergartners naming them off for the older students.  

Then I did a lesson on owls.  I did a PowerPoint slideshow teaching them about the owls of South Dakota where I displayed a photo and played the song/call of each owl.  They quickly learned that not all owls hoot.  I also showed some photos of the prey that owls eat.  I told them what I knew about each one and I threw in some experiences that I've had with owls.  

Then I told them about how owls cannot digest the fur and bones of their prey, so they cough it up in the form of a pellet.  Next, the older kids paired up with a kindergartner and they dissected an owl pellet.  Then they compared the bones that they discovered to that on a chart.  We found that most of the pellets had rodent bones and one had eaten a bird. 

I imagine that you are thinking that this is gross, but kids seem to find it fascinating and so do I.  It is a good learning experience because it teaches them about anatomy, the food chain and it gets them thinking deeper and piecing the puzzle together.  Its a bit like being a detective.  The students were all actively engaged in the activity and having great conversations about what they were finding.  Like I said...this is what teachers love to see!

The cousins got to work together today.
Little brother and big sister are in a group with a friend.

There were lots of good questions being asked today.

Some of them made a good friend!

They glued the bones to a piece of paper.

They compare the bones to the bone sorting chart.

Twenty-five active learners!


  1. How great! The olders sharing their knowledge with the youngers! LOTS of teachers in the room today! Who knows...

  2. That is true! The older students shared their knowledge with younger students and those k-kids really looked up to them! It was really great to see!