Saturday, November 22, 2014

Here's Your 2014 Turkey Cookbook!

The Kindergarten Class would like to give you a few pointers on how to prepare your Thanksgiving turkey and they had some ideas of what else they would like to eat at their feast.  Enjoy! 

“I think we get our turkey from the store and it costs $1.00.  First Mommy takes the wrapper off of the turkey.  Then we clean it with water and soap.  Then she puts it in a pan and she puts some pepper on it.  Next she puts some pieces of onions on it.  Now it goes in the oven for ten minutes.
We will have mashed potatoes and gravy.  I hope we have some hot dogs too!  We will eat some grapes and strawberries.  For dessert we will have pumpkin pie!  It is the only pie that I would eat!”
By L.F.
 “My dad will shoot the turkey in the forest and then he will bring it home and he will pull the feathers off.  He will take off of the head and clean the turkey with a sponge, soap and water.  Mom puts the turkey on a pan.  She puts potatoes, sprinkles, frosting, and macaroni and cheese on top of the turkey.  Then she puts it on the stove. 
We will eat it with grapes, macaronis, cheeseburgers, berries, and Spongebob Go-gurt for dessert!
By G.B.

“Mom will get the turkey at the store.  It will cost $10.00.  She will put Ranch, ketchup, and salt on top of it.  She will put it in the oven for two minutes.  

I would like to eat it with grapes, cucumbers, and carrots.  I would like white cake for dessert.”

By M.S.L. 

“My dad, Alex and me are going to hunt for the turkey in the forest.  My dad will find one and shoot it.  He will take off the feathers and let me have some because I like birds.  Dad will use a wipe to clean off the turkey and then he will put it in the pan.  Dad will put carrots, cheese, peas, and sugar on top of it and then he will cook it in the oven.  The oven should be at 41 degrees and it should cook for 8 hours. 

We will also eat Nutella sandwiches, carrots, peas and for dessert we will eat chocolate chip bars.  They are good!” 

By J.W.
“My dad and I will go turkey hunting in back of my house by the trees.  He will shoot the turkey and we will bring it home.  First dad cleans it out, then I pull out the feathers and I keep them somewhere.  Mom puts the turkey in a pan and then she puts some spicy spices and some sauce on it.  It goes in the 16 degree oven for a few minutes and then it’s time to eat.

We would also eat some grapes, strawberries, lettuce salad, and mashed potatoes.  For dessert we will have vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup!”

By A.H.

“Me and my dad are going to hunt for turkeys in South Dakota at Armour Lake.   He will get it with a bow.  Then we will take him home, cut off the feathers and give them to my family.  We cut it in half and cut the meat out.  It has to have some blood inside and that’s what makes the meat taste good!  We put it in a bag and then put it in the refrigerator in the garage.  On Thanksgiving Day we take it out of the bag and put it in a pan.  We put on some “gredients” like salt, pepper, peppermints, and rub on it.  It goes in the oven by the boat and bakes for 5 hours at 5 degrees.

We will eat oranges, salt, juicy apples, sausage, eggs, and some little peppermints.  For dessert we will have an Oreo Blizzard , chocolate chip ice cream, Hershey bars and rock candy that taste like M&Ms!”

By B.G.

“We will get the turkey from the grocery store and it probably will cost $20.00.  Mom will put it in a pan.  She will pour on some hot sauce and meat sauce.  Then she will sprinkle on some hot chocolate.  It will go on the stove for 25 minutes.

We will have macaroni and cheese, lettuce salad, macaroni salad, oranges, peaches, and apples.  We will eat vanilla ice cream for dessert!”

By M.J.L.

“Dad goes hunting for turkeys.  He gets one and he puts some meat in it.  Then mom puts the seasoning and ketchup on it.  It goes on the stove in the bake pan. 
We will also eat corn, potatoes, carrots and for dessert we will have strawberry milk!”

By L.W.
"My dad will go hunting with Jay DeWaard in the crops.  Dad will get a turkey with his rifle. Then he will cut the feathers off and cut it up.  Dad puts the turkey on a pizza pan.  He puts salt and pepper on it.  Then he puts some really hot stuff on it too.  It cooks in the kitchen oven for 13 minutes.  

We will also eat some corn, beans, bread, macaroni and cheese.  We will have chocolate ice cream for dessert!”

By O.S.

“We will go pheasant hunting for the turkey.  Dad will shoot it and then we will take it home.   Dad will pull the feathers out and put it in a pan.  Mom puts on some pepper and salt.  Then she puts it in the oven for 7 minutes.

We would also eat oranges and mashed potatoes with it.  For dessert we would have vanilla ice cream!

By G.W.

“We get our turkey at Wal-Mart and it costs $20.00.  My mom takes it out of the wrapper and cuts it up.  She puts in on the stove in a big, fat pan.  She will put circles of sprinkles on it and she will make a picture on it with blueberry sauce.  It will be a pictures of all of my friends.  She will put some watermelon in the pan too.  Mmm… It will cook for 100 minutes.

We will eat it with my friends and we will have watermelon, blueberries, orange berries, cantaloupe, carrots and pickles.  We will have chocolate chip ice cream for dessert."

By N.I.

”We will buy the turkey at the store for $5.00.  It will weigh about 6 pounds.  Mom will take it home, cut it up and put stuffing on it.  Then she will fry it in a pan. 

Our family will eat corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, apples and pumpkin pie for dessert!”

By S.B.

Have a nice Thanksgiving!


  1. My, my, students, those are quite the recipes! I'll try to remember them the next time I cook a turkey. I' m impressed that you're all eating fruits and vegetables with your feast. Good job! The artwork on your headdresses is done so neatly. You're all quite the artists! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. After reading your recipes, I realize I've been cooking turkey all wrong...

  3. Thanks you two! Yes, the kindergartners have put a bit of a twist on roasting a turkey for Thanksgiving!