Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Marvel of Migration

Many flocks of hundreds of Snow Geese passed over the school today.  The kids and I ran out one time to stand and watch them fly over us.  I told the kindergartners to listen to their call.   
The kids' faces lit up with smiles and after they passed over us they applauded for the geese!  How sweet is that?  The applause for the geese came as a surprise to me, but it made me realize that the kids are right!   We should all be more in awe of the birds during mirgration!  It is amazing what they do and they have been through so much in their travels, so the next time you see the geese and ducks migrating over you, take another look and maybe you too can marvel at the site.
This is a huge flock of Snow Geese that I saw at the refuge
in March of 2013.  It was so loud when they took off!

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  1. Mrs. Preheim, thank you for teaching your children to love these bird-wonders! They travel thousands of miles, through many dangers, to arrive just where they want to go, all without maps or a GPS, and they do it twice a year! It's a miracle and it truly is something to applaud. Thank you for teaching the children to love nature!