Thursday, December 4, 2014

Many Bald Eagles in Our Area!

Looking from the parking lot towards the dam.  It was 9:30 AM 
when I took this photo.  I don't know if they would all be in that 
vicinity in the afternoon. 
I thought that you may like to know about the Bald Eagles that are at the local dam.  It has one of the largest congregations of Bald Eagles in the state each winter.  One reason is because of the open water that supplies them with fish.  The Karl Mundt National Bald Eagle Refuge is also in that area.  To learn more about Bald Eagles, check out the "All About Birds" site.

I forgot to take a count last weekend, but two weeks ago I counted 85 Bald Eagles.  There may be even more showing up!  The dam is 30 miles away, so it might just be a nice day trip for you.  You can watch the eagles fly over the water to fish - sometimes 4-6 eagles at a time.  They also sit in the tree between the parking lot and the powerhouse as well as in the tree across from the parking lot.  Ducks and gulls also hang out there. 

If you are in the mood for an outing while the weather is somewhat nice, this might be the trip for you!  Don't forget your camera and if you'd like to know of another viewing area on the other side, email me.  I think it is worth the drive and that the children would really enjoy it!   I have more photos of local birds on my Flickr site.
Looking east across the river from the parking lot.

This pair has already started building their nest.  
It is down river from the parking lot.

Bald Eagles are an impressive bird with their 6 1/2 foot 
wingspan.  The eagles that are all brown are the young ones. 
 It takes about five years for immatures to attain their 
adult plumage.

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  1. Great suggestion, Mrs. Preheim, to go see the eagles while so many are here. They're such a beautiful, big bird!