Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Christmas Party

We start the morning with the K-4 kids choosing between 5 
"theaters" to go to for a movie.  I showed the movie Frozen
for my room and it was such a fun time! { It isn't showing up in 
this photo however.}  I loved listening to the kids laugh 
and we all sang the songs together.  Such fun!
After recess in the gym, the party began with 
three fun games!  Here they are fishing for 
candy canes.
They balanced a snowball on a spoon in a relay race.
Then they tried to use team work to keep a 
small ball from falling.
Santa surprised us and came to the classroom! 
There were smiles all around.
The lunch was delicious!
These Rudolph gift/treat bags were very cute!

We played musical gifts.  The girls passed a girl gift and when the music 
stopped, whoever was holding the gift got to keep it.

We ran out of time, so most of the boys got to rip into 
those gifts at the same time!  Fun!

A deck of bird playing cards from the teacher will help them remember
 the birds' names for years to come and to teach others about birds.  
I also sent home a list of Math card games for them to play with 
family and friends.  Combining birds and math? It seems like a win-win!

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  1. Oh, kids, it looks like you all had an awesome Christmas party! Hope you had a great vacation, and you're excited to learn more things, including birds!