Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Create a Bird!

The South Dakota Innovation Lab is being showcased at the Clinton Global Initiative in June.  They are creating a minute and a half little infomercial.  Montana State University’s Documentary Film program has agreed to edit the podcast for SDIL.  SInce I am a part of the this group I was asked to come up with a project and video it, so I got right to work. If they choose to use and of my clips, it will be a small segment of the infomercial.

I was at a loss of what to do and then just like that I came up with an idea. Create a bird.  The rules were simple.  Create a bird using a pop can, construction paper and straws.  Give it a name, tell what it eats, its habitat, its behavior and what its nest is like.   Then after they created it, they had to draw and write about it in their journal.  This took a couple of sessions to complete and they really enjoyed it!

They loved this project and they were actively engaged in creating their bird.  These birds have some really wacky names too.  Check it out!
The Jace Eagle
The Bald Eagle Fish Eagle
The Pokey-billed Hummingbird
Gabe's Whooping Crane
The "Frank the Tank" bird
McKay's Twelve-wired Bird of Paradise
Smart and creative kids!
Lincoln's Marissa
Lexie's Warbler
The Purple-and-Blue Macaw
The Princess Bird of Paradise
The African Fish Eagle
"All the Birds in the World" Bird - "It eats humans!"

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  1. You kids have made some awesome new birds! I love them! They're so neatly done; you must have worked really hard on them. Good job!