Monday, April 13, 2015

Math Night

Tonight was Math Night.  This is a time to show parents what kind of math their child has been doing during the year and to give them some ideas of what to work on at home especially during the long summer.  It is important to keep the skills fresh to avoid the "summer slump".

I had different activities set up in the room:
  1. Place Value Matching - match the tens and ones picture to the correct numeral
  2. M&M Math - That was a favorite!
  3. Giant Number Line - They solved the addition and subtraction facts on a huge number line taped to the floor.
  4. Pattern Blocks - By looking at a layout, try to make the same picture on the table.
  5. Bird Story Problems - The teacher reads the story problem and the child uses a white board to solve the problem.  They are "rock stars" at this!
Here they are solving the bird story problem. I use real 
bird photo cards to help tell the story.
This group is matching the place value cards.
He read the flashcard and is hopping out the answer.
The group on the left is making pattern block creations 
and some are doing the M&M tally and counting sheet.

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