Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Day 2 of Kindergarten

It was another good, but busy day in school!   Today they got to eat lunch in school and they really enjoyed that!  It was difficult getting everybody to go through the lunch line and punch in their 4-digit code.  When I was showing and telling several of them how to scrape off of their plates, another student came over and I said, "Dump it in there."  He dropped his whole tray in the trash and walked away.  I guess that is what I said!  Pretty funny!

This week they are learning:  following the rules, writing their name, colors and color words, alike and different, identifying shapes, living and non-living things.

They also did their first worksheet, journal page and booklet drawings today.  Following directions is a difficult skill for young students who have been in "summer mode", but they will get it in time.  They do a great job at listening to me read books, so I've really enjoyed reading to them.  They really get into the story!  Here are some photos from the day:

Here they are drawing a picture in their journal.

This was a cutting exercise from the first day of school.

We have been talking about the difference between letters and words.  This also teaches them how to read a graph.

This crazy-looking character is from a book titled, David Goes to School.  We then made a chart to help us remember what rules David had trouble with.  Getting the rules established early helps classroom behavior for the school year.

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