Thursday, August 28, 2014

Outdoor Science Class

In kindergarten science class, we have been discussing living and non-living things.  Then I taught them about the needs of a plant and the parts of a plant.  Today we went outdoors for some "hands-on" work.  Their assignment was to notice different stems, leaves, flowers and find roots.  We also checked out the difference between a regular tree and a Cedar tree.  

We did a lot of comparing and I tried to get them to be more aware of their environment.  They still have a difficult time following directions and listening to instructions and lessons, but that will come in time.  For now our hikes will have to be kept close to the school.  When they obey better, we will head to the lake in town. 

They were surprised to learn that a tree trunk was a stem.  One child yelled, "Let's hug this tree!"

We talked about the creek and how the water got there.  We walked a block over to my house to look through the garden and discuss those plants.  While we were in the yard a House Finch landed 8 feet away on the feeder.  I told them to freeze and they all got a good look at it. There also was a cottontail rabbit in the yard next door.  It doesn't get more exciting than that!

"Look at the roots, Teacher!"
"This one is long!"
If anyone needs help pulling weeds, I know just the kids to help!
Here they are listening to me talk about plants.
"Let's hug the tree!"

They loved looking at the water and rocks in the creek.
I believe we made this rabbit nervous.
A female House Finch.

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