Friday, January 16, 2015

Freddie Frog's Fantastic Flapjacks

I really enjoy doing fun projects with the kindergartners that incorporate many standards.  In this way children are learning while having fun. 

Today I taught them a bit about cooking and how you have to have the correct ingredients and the correct amount for the recipe to turn out.  I had them follow a recipe and make their own flapjack/pancake in a cup.  They enjoyed flipping their flapjack too. They thought that their flapjack was delicious and that they were a pretty good cook!  I think they really enjoyed it!

First they add ingredients to make the batter in a cup.

It is safer for me to put the batter on the griddle, but 
they get to flip their own flapjack.
I enjoy watching them get their flapjack ready to eat.  
They take it so seriously.
Some kids use a little syrup and some use enough for 
five flapjacks.
Here is the recipe - although I now substitute all-purpose flour.

We discussed many things during this lesson:
  • how to read a recipe
  • cooking "tools" - tablespoon, teaspoon, etc.
  • electricity and how to safely plug in a cord {for the griddle}
  • being safe around hot things
  • following directions was really emphasized
  • some foods come from animals: milk, eggs and honey were used today
  • all about wheat and how it is grown
  • how wheat is changed into flour
  • what other foods are made from flour
  • what steam is - that was rising from the pancake
  • I read the "Little Red Hen" book and we saw how she raised wheat
As you can see...many small lessons and standards can be covered with one project! 


  1. Ooooo, kids, I think I should have you come teach ME how to cook, because it looks like Mrs. Preheim has taught you LOTS of important things about cooking. Those flapjacks look yummy!!

  2. K-Kids, I made the flapjack today and it was delicious! I liked it so much, I made 3 more and ate them all!! (= Yummy! I hope you're making them with your families!