Tuesday, January 6, 2015

We won!

We won the "Win a School Visit" contest through Falcon Guides!  That is the contest where the kids sang the song I wrote titled, "Baby Birds".  We ended up with over 773 views. Thanks goes out to all of the people who took the time to view it!  Here is the link to the Falcon Guides contest entries.  There is a better quality video on my Flickr site, if you want to click here.
I was contacted and asked if I would "accept" being their winner and of course I did.  I will let you know when and where the announcement will be made.  This is pretty exciting!  We will win 25 free books {valued at $1,000} and a school visit from two authors:  Stacy Tornio, the editor of "Birds and Bloom" and Ken Keffer who is a naturalist/author.  They are both birders, so I am anxious to meet them and I'm sure they will enjoy our bird-y school kids!
The Kindergarten Birders

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  1. HUGE Congratulations to the kindergarten class and Mrs. Preheim!!! That's just awesome news!! I know you all worked SO hard and did your very best to perform the cutest song ever! Just think how many people you've taught that bird parents won't abandon their young, even if touched by a human. YOU KIDS ROCK!!! Booyah!!!