Monday, January 12, 2015

Alessondra's Great Horned Owl

This is one of many nest cams that are online to view.  This Great Horned Owl nest is just outside someone's window in Oklahoma City.  The photo below is last year's young owl, but now there is a new nest.  You can check out the nest cam when you click here.  Your child may enjoy checking in on this site periodically to watch the owlets hatch and grow.  It is quite interesting!

Can you find the young owl?  It is right near where it hatched.
Only the female Great Horned Owl incubates the eggs and keeps the chicks warm. The male hunts for her and the chicks until the chicks are old enough to control their body temperature. Usually he passes the food off to her and then takes off hunting again.  She rips up the prey into small pieces and feeds to the owlets. When the chicks are big enough to keep warm themselves, both parents hunt and the owlets usually can feed themselves.

We have noticed that even though Great Horned Owls are nocturnal, she is awake and tending to the owlets during the day.


  1. Thanks for mentioning Alessondra's GHOW cam, Mrs. Preheim! Mrs. Tiger just laid her third egg this afternoon--Woo Hoo!! How absolutely awesome it would be to have a nest like that right outside our windows! The wildlife cameras let all of us learn SO much about the wonderful wildlife around us. Hope you check out the Cam! GHOWs are awesome birds! Do you remember what the plumicorns are? (=

  2. The kids really like Great Horned Owls and we have checked out the nest cam a couple of times. They know what pumicorns are now! Thanks!