Thursday, May 21, 2015

Birdman's 3rd Visit

Timothy Barksdale, a.k.a.Birdman, was here to visit and film the kids.  Tim is working on a series for PBS titled, "Adventures with Birdman".  His show is about birds in different parts of the world as well as about conservation.  He found out about my bird-y classroom a few years ago when I was reporting the many Snowy Owls in the area.  I mentioned to him in an email about how my students knew so much about birds.  He has filmed my kindergartners for three years and has gotten some fantastic footage.  When completed, it looks like we might be in episode 2 of the series.

On this visit he filmed the students doing bird story problems for math and writing about birds.  He also filmed them dumping their pennies into a jar for a project that he is promoting.  While we played bird bingo, he would have very interesting stories that he would tell about certain birds that he encountered.  The kids were so intent listening to his account of his adventures.

Tim has a very kind heart and he brought Birdman Production shirts, caps and cds for the four students in the Chickadee Bird Club that were affected by the Delmont tornado.

Last year we made him an official kindergartner because the children really like him.  Also, each year it seems that some child comments how he looks like Santa Claus.

The kids are getting a glimpse of the footage.

Landen had a nice comment on the board behind him.

She is telling him about a bird that she is writing about.

These bird loving students really enjoyed sharing
stories with Birdman.

During bird bingo, Tim had stories about certain birds in
the game.  The kids were really fascinated by those

The students were writing about a bird and showing off
their newly learned skills.

Tim shows how he was sneaking up on a rare bird.

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