Wednesday, May 27, 2015

We Are Featured on a Birding Website

The Kindergarten Birders and Their Teacher

Timothy Barksdale a.k.a. Birdman wrote a very nice post about us for the 10,000 Birds website.  You can read it here: The Importance of Nurturing Young Birders.

Other worthy news:  Tim Barksdale also wrote a similar email to Eagle Optics and asked them for a donation for our four Chickadee Bird Club members {2nd graders} who were affected by the tornado in Delmont.  Eagle Optics graciously donated 4 pair of nice binoculars for those kids.  These binoculars are valued at a sale price of a total of $1,000!  Wow!  A big thank you to Tim for helping to make this happen!

Also there was a donation at the seed store in town, so each of those four children will receive a bird field guide as well!  

I love seeing this outpouring of generosity! 

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