Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Kindergarten Field Trip

The kindergarten field trip was at the nearby lake only 8 miles away.  It has wooded areas on both sides of the lake with a playground and campground on one end.  This is a very bird-y place as well, so it proves to be a worthwhile destination for my students and me.
You don't even want to know the name of this 
favorite childhood game.  They love it though!
Smiles all around!
How many can he hold back?

Starting the hike we look over the bridge towards the spillway.
There's no water down there today.
I was so surprised to hear and then see a Scarlet Tanager!  
I had never seen one in our county before.  The kids 
seemed to get a good look at it too.  A life bird for them!
Now we are looking over the top of the spillway with our
 first look at the lake.
The kids were impressed with the wildflowers and 
feathers along the way.
Here they are posing on the large rocks.
Here's another bridge to cross.
Ants on a log?
They liked the big trees!
Flying down the hill back to camp.
They were hungry for the picnic the moment we got 
there, so now it is time to eat.
It seems that food tastes better at a picnic.

Time for some free play.  Here they are chasing bubbles!
Patiently waiting in line to fly the kite.
They loved flying the kite on this windy day.
Kite flying is a lot of fun for kids.

They were thrilled to catch a butterfly!
Time for the outdoor classroom.  Center #1:  Find things 
from nature and weave it into this web.

Now...try not to poke anyone in the eye!
Their Y sticks looked very pretty!
Center #2:  Create a bird feeder with a pine cone, 
peanut butter and bird seed.
It was a messy operation.
Center # 3:  Build a fort or house for a fairy, toad or other animal.
This seemed difficult to them at first, but then they got the idea.
It was hard to pull them away.
I guess it could be a fort for a kid!
Hey!  That's not a butterfly!
This is!
A net full of flowers!
"Check it out!  The Barn Swallows are working on 
a mud nest in here!"
Time to go birding on the other 
side of the lake.
"Look!  Double-crested Cormorants!"
"Teacher, I found an egg shell!"
Looking over the lake and getting ever closer to 
getting their feet wet.

She is explaining about Geo-caching.

Here is a camouflaged geo-cache.
We can hear the birds, but they are difficult to find.

"Teacher!  What are they?"
Here we are!
Kids love to investigate ant hills.

One more chance to play on the playground before 
we head back to town.

Playing in the play tent was fun too.

It ended up being a warm day.

I think I can speak for the was a really 
great day in nature!
Its time to head back.  They are tired, dirty 
and hungry.  All signs of a fun day outdoors!

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