Thursday, May 21, 2015

We Will be in the September "Birds and Blooms" Magazine!

I'm sure that you remember the video contest that we won and that part of our prize was an author visit for our school.  One of the authors was Stacy Tornio, editor of the "Birds and Blooms" magazine. She must have been impressed with what she saw here because she has asked to write about the kindergartners and I in one of her articles for the magazine!  

The article will be about birding on the job and there will be 3-5 profiles with me being one.  Hopefully it will encourage other teachers to think about incorporating birds into their curriculum.  The local photographer was hired to come here for part of two mornings taking indoor photos and photos of us birding outdoors.  Hopefully one of the photos will make it into the magazine.  Watch for the article in the September issue of "Birds and Blooms" magazine.  That reminds me...I need to renew my subscription now!

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