Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bird Artists

The other day I'd read a children's book to my kindergartners about John James Audubon.  It was titled, "The Boy Who Drew Birds".  Today I decided to discuss bird artists with them since so many of the students love to draw birds.  We looked at John James Audubon's paintings on the smart board and the kids enjoyed guessing the birds.  I explained how Audubon did these paintings a long time ago and that there are other bird artist now. 

I told them a bit about David Sibley and we watched a video of him doing a step-by-step drawing lesson for some children.  The kindergartners were intrigued and then one girl said, " "Wow-w-w!  He's about as good as Gabriel!" He is a boy in the class that loves to draw birds and he was so happy when she said that.  Tomorrow I will bring my Sibley guide and they can check it out.

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  1. Who knows? Some day birders may be using 'Gabriel's Guide' to help them identify birds! Keep drawing, Gabriel!