Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Our Own Published Bird Book

Writing all of this information is a big job for a 
kindergartner, but it is about birds, so 
they don't mind at all.
Their drawings really surprised me!  Very nice!
We are just beginning work on our very own published bird book!  The size of book that we can afford is twenty pages.  It is quite a lot of work, but very educational.  

First we chose which twenty backyard birds we wanted to have in our book.  Then we researched them at the smart board and came up with a few facts about each bird.  Then I typed them up for each child to copy onto their page.  Then they drew the bird, but he first draft of the drawn birds seemed a little rushed, so the second try had them meeting with me first to discuss which field marks are important to show.  Then they had step-by-step drawing lesson.  I don't draw on their paper at all, but I show them how on my paper.  They loved it and keep begging me to show them how to draw more birds!  Here are a few of the finished pages.  They will be available for sale online next month!  Their bird book will be a nice keepsake from their year in kindergarten.

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  1. WOW! You kids are authors AND illustrators?? How wonderful for Mrs. Preheim to teach you to do that now. When you get older, you'll know all about how to publish your own books. Keeping working hard; you're learning so much!