Monday, March 9, 2015

Journal Pages and Other Creations

Pretty funny!  I always tell the kids, "Raptors can't eat at 
McDonald's or go to the store, so they have to eat 
other animals."  I had to laugh when I saw this journal page.
This class loves Bald Eagles!

I love the drawings of these birds!

He is doing a great job at trying to sound out his words.  
That is the goal!

The kids loved that day!
The five girls have gotten together quite well this year!
This guy was at "Bald Eagle Days" this winter.  He knows 
a lot about Bald Eagles and birds in general!

Ha-ha!  That is pretty funny!  I wish I could fly like a bird!
Pretty sweet!
We loved this story!
Aww...that was so nice!
The kids make me feel special!  That is 
another reason why I love my job!

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  1. Oh my, Mrs. Preheim, you have very special students!! They have wonderful imaginations and are great illustrators!! What a fun job you have!