Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Leprechauns on the Loose!

The leprechauns came to our classroom and made a huge mess!  They left a note saying that they were looking for treasure in our room, but they couldn't find any gold.  Instead they sent us on a treasure hunt to find a different treasure.  We followed the clues throughout the school.  Teachers said they saw something green that flew through like the March wind!  At the end of the hunt, the last clue told us to look somewhere where we like to play.  We searched the toy area and finally found a treasure of gold-wrapped candy!  It was a lot of fun!  Those silly leprechauns!

When we came back from music class, there was a big mess!
The kids were very excited!
The search is on!
They followed the directions on each clue.  Running through 
the school asking teachers, if they saw any 
leprechauns or clues.
Their faces say it all!
"I found another clue, Teach!"
The older students remember this day well.  The leprechauns 
have been visiting the kindergartners for around 22 years!
Here's the gang with the treasure in hand!  Now it is 
time to help clean up this big mess!
At playtime today, some kids built a leprechaun trap and 
left it up for the night.  I wonder what will happen.


  1. WOW!!! Those silly, messy leprechauns!!! I sure hope you can catch one in that trap, but I don't know...they're pretty sneaky, aren't they? Looks like you all had a fun day!!!

  2. Yes! We had a fun day! We think a leprechaun was in the trap, but it busted loose because the trap was broken in the morning!

  3. Oh No!!! You missed seeing it again!! They're really tricky! Maybe next year...